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The Books
Medical profession is considered to be highly lucrative with doctors commanding great
respect in the society. However, the society rarely tries to understand the sacrifi ces they
make and the pain they undergo in their lives to achieve great honour, distinction and
professional satisfaction. “Life Savers-from the diary of a medical journalist”, is a compendium of the personal and professional lives of doctors giving insight into their lives. Th is book gives holistic approach to their lives and underlines the contributions of each distinguished member to the medical world. In short, this coff ee table book is a mixture of “science &
soul”. With comprehensive information on latest developments in medicine, suggestions to the junior doctors, patients, doctorsemotions and experiences with interesting anecdotes, this colorful book is highly readable for every one alike. Medicine aspiring students, medicos, junior doctors and any one who is interested in reading success stories can leaf through for their personality development and to get intellectual pleasure.
Book Specifications
The main book is in English printed in 9.25”x9.25” size, using high quality Art paper, laminated and hard bound. The Telugu version of the book will be in 8.5” x 11” size using high quality Art paper, laminated and soft bound.
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